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  • Tree Museum

    Tree Museum

    Tree Museum is an installation in the forest featuring the sounds of woodpeckers. It focuses on the lesser spotted woodpecker , whose population has declined by 91% since 1967, and is on the UK’s red list for endangered species. The sound of the woodpecker’s drumming is reproduced artificially in the trees, considering the sounds that…

  • Tipping Point

    Tipping Point

    Interactive audio installation The interactive audio installation invites the audience to witness environmental trauma associated with anthropocentric disruption. The installation requires the audience to intervene with the building blocks to trigger the shift in soundscape which symbolises Earth’s global tipping point. The audience is invited to put the headphones on and try to build up…

  • Starving Dingoes

    Starving Dingoes

    A 56min soundtrack to Léa Tirabasso‘s choreography fusing granulated opera, broken electronics and driving hypnotic rhythms. Johanna Bramli and I composed the music to this contemporary dance piece that toured across Europe between 2021-2023

  • Interference Patterns

    Interference Patterns

    Interference Patterns is a 13 minute A/V work that explores the electromagnetic fields emitted from modified cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions. The magnetic fields surrounding the TV are navigated by the performer using electromagnetic pickups, and the audio output of these are then fed directly back into the TV’s coil, creating a feedback loop. The…

  • Ghost Box EVP Instrument

    Ghost Box EVP Instrument

    This instrument uses original circuits from Konstantin Raudive’s EVP experiments. Rather than recording to tape loops, this instrument has a built in sampler/looper to catch voices from the ether

  • Witness Stand, Brighton Festival

    Witness Stand, Brighton Festival

    We are all temporary tenants of the land, and our stories are told by what we leave behind. This piece seeks to find the voice of Whitehawk hill through items found at the site. Snail shells and rusting tin cans are repurposed into windchimes, roots become plucked instruments through the help of contact mics, recordings…

  • Horrible Creature Soundtrack

    Horrible Creature Soundtrack

    In 1915, James Joyce and Nora Barnacle travelled with their young children Giorgio and Lucia to Switzerland to escape the turmoil of World War I. Lucia later trained as a dancer and performed throughout Europe, until her career ended suddenly in the early 1930s. She was forced into psychiatric care and underwent experimental treatments at…

  • The Sleeper Awakes

    The Sleeper Awakes Drums and synths duo AK/DK, are joined by Richard Jackson of Plume Animation and actor Ian Shaw to create a live, audio-visual adaptation of HG Wells’ dystopian novel The Sleeper Awakes. In this multi-sensory performance, the group tell the challenging story of a society that has developed into an all-encompassing plutocracy and the price…

  • Margate/Dreamland


    It’s about an island, a town and it’s people.It’s our response to the state of the world and it’s imminent collapse.It’s about the kaleidoscope of competing narratives of who we are.It is a love song. Nigel & Louise spent 4 years researching and writing this show. At a time of momentous change in the town,…

  • Erode – Brighton Festival

    Erode – Brighton Festival

    May 2015 As part of Madeline Flinn and Tim Humphries Gauge commissioned by Brighton Festival. A collaboration with sound artist Johanna Bramli on a centrepiece sound installation. Erode is a 24-channel generative surround sound work featuring recordings of local Sussex residents talking about their memories of the weather. The piece explored the ideas of the…

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