Witness Stand, Brighton Festival

We are all temporary tenants of the land, and our stories are told by what we leave behind. This piece seeks to find the voice of Whitehawk hill through items found at the site. Snail shells and rusting tin cans are repurposed into windchimes, roots become plucked instruments through the help of contact mics, recordings of ball games become percussion, metal squeaks of the gates become bowed strings. The electric fence surrounding the site emits a ticking electrical pulse which threads all the sections of the piece together. Electromagnetic pickups allow us to hear the invisible; the transmission station on the hill causes the air to hum with electromagnetic waves. We hear the real-time tones of the digital television streams, together with all the BBC radio channels layered together.The piece ends with a cassette recording of Jenny Arach Abura’s poem A Proper Goodbye, that features memories of her experience growing up in Whitehawk.