Tipping Point

Interactive audio installation

The interactive audio installation invites the audience to witness environmental trauma associated with anthropocentric disruption. The installation requires the audience to intervene with the building blocks to trigger the shift in soundscape which symbolises Earth’s global tipping point.

The audience is invited to put the headphones on and try to build up to the red line. The background soundscape was created using the (displayed) geophone to record the Earth’s vibrations. The audience can then generate a geophonic soundscape whilst building towards the tipping point between human industry and the Earth’s natural forces.

Dust, 2023

Audio composition

Using found sounds from Tipping Point, this ‘rock music’ audio composition turns the sounds of rocks into percussion, in contrast with the geophone recordings from Earth’s vibrations. The natural randomness of rock movement begins to organise into rhythmical patterns, before breaking back into natural scatterings. Johanna Bramli and Ed Chivers will perform a live version of Dust on 16th September.